Grace Anglican Church
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Children's Choir

Girls & boys (with unchanged voices) in grades two through eight are invited. Younger children who are early readers are also invited.
Rehearsals are on Thursday at 6:00 PM. Please speak to, email, or phone Richard Birney-Smith.

  • Every Thursday at 6:00 PM
Quilt Raffle Winners

1st Prize: Framed Church door:
Heather Mowbray

2nd Prize: Jewellery Box:
Michael Beaver

3rd Prize: Mirror:
Donna Dannelli

4th Prize:
Karen Wetsellar

5th Prize: Framed Stain Glass Hanging:
Ron Shannon

6th Prize: $100 Gift certificate Pasqualino Restaurant:
Kyle Scott

7th Prize: Charcuterie board:
Marilyn Goodale

I can be reached at at: or

Windy Hill Christmas Tree Farm’s Christmas Tree Fundraiser

The Forbes Family invite you to cut your own fresh tree and we will donate $10 /tree to Grace Anglican Church Milton.

Trees available are: Norway, White, Blue Spruce and Fraser and Concolour Fir (short needled, open canopy, pesticide free). Trees under 8 feet $35 - 40. Larger trees, red Dogwood twigs, greenery and ready made pots are also available.

Cash Only Open Friday / Saturdays 9-5, Sunday 1-5 pm. Masks required.

Watch for signs at Centre and Mountsberg. 905-659-2221

This flyer must be presented and given to the Forbes family. .