Grace Angelican Church

A Christian community in the Anglican Diocese of Niagara located in Milton, Ontario

With the recent COVID-19 outbreaks, we're working closely with our Diocese and community
to continue our parish services. We ask our church community to support Grace Church as we continue
to respond and operate during COVID-19.
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Generous Donations

We have been blessed with a generous donation of non-perishable food during this pandemic for anyone who is in need or food insecure at this time. If anyone within the community, requires any non-perishable food or frozen food please be in touch with us, at 905-878-2411 or email at

A huge thank-you goes to all who have donated and a special thank you to the Optimist Club and Deacon Nina and the folks at Covid Assist Milton who are doing so much to help the people in our town during these unprecedented times. God Bless You.